JMBLYA is a hip-hop music festival that tours from Dallas to Austin back-to-back. The goal for JMBLYA has always been to book upcoming artist that everyone loves and believes in. Behind JMBLYA’s success is a talented team of like-minded individuals working together to build something special. The company is defined by AND curated for the youth.

Past headliners include artist like Tyler the Creator, Travis Scott, and Lil Wayne.

Brand Voice

The face of jmblya is a shrimp with a modish style,  great music taste, and a good sense of humor.  Jmblya is ran to represent the youth in a world where music and ideas are shared instantly through the web. Apart from having great music taste, the followers of jmblya are master trolls.

The voice of this account has brought together younger generations who acknowledge that everything on the web doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously. It’s uncommon for brands to take the approach of roasting its followers online, but when you have a fan-base composed of 15 to 24-year-olds it makes sense to take that route.

Planning for the Festival

Making a festival happen takes months in advance to plan. A good line-up drives better ticket sales but takes a great deal of networking. After our talent buyers work out a deal with the artist managers, they get with us to create a campaign timeline.


  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Brainstorm/implement ideas and strategies. 
  • Create reports and come up with creative ideas for social media strategies.
  • promote advertise social media post, as well as manage the budget for these post.

Social media: 

  • Create content for various social media accounts. 
  • Manage social media campaigns.
  • Implement creative ideas for promoting concerts and festivals.
  • Create graphics
  • Take photos/videos during festival times
  • manage festival archives (pictures/videos from past festivals)
Producing Content and Attacking Problems

Working to produce content for a music festival changes all the time. Usually there will always be two-to-three artists that last minute can’t make their performance and cancel either before or during the day of the festival, which can lead to internet chaos.

For example, this year Jmblya in Austin was forced was to cancel due to severe weather that damaged event infrastructure.  This leaves fans upset and confused, leading to a flood of messages to our socials. 

In keeping the voice of the brand, we were able to make our angry followers laugh it off. Situations like this will pass and people eventually go on about their day, however as a brand; its important to quickly respond to the flood of messages to reduce confusion, as well as monitor any hashtags or conversations involving JMBLYA.

Day of Festival

Working and posting during the day of the festival is very different than when you’re in the office preparing content.
You must be quick, focused and creative in everything you’re doing.

Communicating with:

Our team
Photographers are assigned to cover different parts of the festival, whether it’s the artist who are performing or the whole festival experience.
The photographers follow a strict schedule: They shoot the pictures, then quickly come back to the trailer we’re working at, to upload them on the dropbox over the cloud, and repeat.

The social media team immediately picks out the coolest ones and shares them to all of jmblya’s social platforms. Photo captions must be created on the spot, so knowing the artist is crucial.

Messages flood our inbox around the festival dates–usually in regards to parking, ticketing, or merchandising information. Instead of thinking of a thought-out response, our team develops responses to frequently asked questions days before the festival–allowing us to just copy/paste to save time.

  • Entrance of JMBLYA
  • Stage shot by @AB.Gonzalez
  • Crowd shot @GregNoire
  • Travis Scott 2018 shot by @Jbajsel

After the Festival

When the festival is over, there is still work that has to be done for several weeks. We still meet with our videographers to produce a recap video, as well as our web developer that helps us add it to our site. Post-fest messages are not as crazy– but are still as important. Most messages are regarding merchandising lost in shipping or festival feedback from guest experience.

JMBLYA recap video 2018

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